Tale from Duluth News Tribune

Anonymous. "Caught on the Run."
Duluth News Tribune [Duluth, Minnesota] 4 August 1904: 4.

Lumber Jack

Duluth News Tribune
"Caught on the Run"

In spite of a great deal of talk about the decline of the great American Lumber Jack he remains much the same jolly picturesque individual that he was in days gone by. His language, his jokes and his apparel are a never ending source of amusement to those who have not grown accustomed to his ways.

If the firm for which he works fails to suit his taste in the matter of food, blankets or length of the work day, the luckless capitalists are immediately classified as being "gunnysack," haywire" or "lard can."

His pet joke and the one with which the green horn at the camp is sure to be tried, consists of a series of imaginative tales about the year Paul Bunyan lumbered in North Dakota. The great Paul is represented as getting out countless millions of timber in the year of the "blue snow." The men's shanty in his camp covered a half section, and the mess camp was a stupendous affair. The range on which an army of cookees prepared the beans and "red horse" was so long that when the cook wanted to grease it up for the purpose of baking the wheat cakes in the morning, they strapped two large hams to his feet and started him running up and down a half mile of black glistening stove top.

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