Ode to Paul Bunyan

H.J. Oberholtzer. "Ode to Paul Bunyan."
New North [Rhinelander, Wisconsin] 12 April 1917.

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Ode to Paul Bunyan
Tune: America

Sweet land of Can-a-dee
My fondest memorie
Of thee I sing.
Land where Paul Bunyan died
Oh, how the boys all cried
He was our greatest pride
Our Boss and King.

The winter of blue snow
Paul Bunyan logged you know
The big white pine.
Bull cooks on roller skates
Served us with blue ox steaks
While little blue snow flakes
Came drifting fine.

Bean soup we had galore
Right at the shanty door,
Made in the lake.
It took some bacon then
To feed ten thousand men
Oh, give to us again
A ton of cake.

We had a dandy cook
A big contract he took
To keep us fed.
Twelve acres of pancakes
He undertook to make
He made a big mistake
And now he's dead.

Ten men you couldn't beat
With pork rinds on their feet
To grease the pan.
They skated to and fro
You couldn't see them go
You really wouldn't know
They were hu-man.

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