Working On The Drive

R.L. Backus. "Working On The Drive."
American Lumberman 19 July 1919: 63.

Posing with Paul

Working On The Drive

Aye bane vurking all spring long,
Life is yust laik van sveet song,
Rising ven the sky is gray,
Poling on the drive all day.

Ven the sun is long gone down,
Troo de voods comes vun sveet soun',
Chuck is ready ven ve kvit,
Den ve at de grub-pile sit

And in ve dive, right gude an' fast,
To a yolly fine repast-
Dough-hods, yohnny cake und tea,
Yee! Dat bane svell feed for me.

Den ve sit around camp fire,
Each tells stories laik gude liar,
'Bout Paul Bunyan, lumberjack,
Who builds in veek long railroad track;

Who logs forty in vun day,
Who vurks laik sin and gets gude pay,
Who svamps a loggin' road for fun
And yumps for more ven dat is done.

Fafty trees a day aye fell
And tink dat's doing purty vell,
But Paul he laughs at vun small tree
And yerks it up by roots, by yee!

Vell, purty soon ve hit de hay
And sleep laik saxty till next day,
At four in morning ve "roll out"
In answer to de cookee's shout.

Yee! Dis sure bane a yolly life,
Lots more fun as having vife.
Vell, pirty soon aye go on spree,
Till again in fall de voods call me.

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