Paul Runyon Bunyun Is With Us Again

Al W. Anderson. "Paul Runyon Bunyun Is With Us Again."
Camp and Mill News [Seattle, Washington] July 1920: 14.

Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox in Snow

Paul Runyon Bunyun Is With Us Again

Mr. Editor:

The most astounding feat of labor I ever heard of occurred right on this coast in the early days before the whistle of the donkey engine ever disturbed the serenity of the chipmunk in the woods of the Northwest. It was in the winter of the big snow which, as many of the old-timers will remember, laid a full nineteen feet on the ground. The grandfather of Chief Seattle and a few of his tribe were camped on Queen Anne hill.

Provisions being none too plentiful the old chief raised a great row because on this particular morning he had no maple syrup for his buckwheat cakes. It was indeed a calamity as the snow was too deep to enable a courier to reach Port Townsend for supplies.

It was Paul Bunyon who came to the rescue. Saving the old Indian's temper and making history at the same time.

Paul Bunyon hitched his big blue ox to a stone weighing seven hundred tons and set out at a long lope for Port Townsend which he reached in thirty-seven minutes, got the syrup and returned in record time which greatly appeased the old Indian's wrath.

The stone cut deep into the ground both going and on the return trip, so deep was the trail of the stone that the ocean waters followed close after Paul on the return trip. Thus it is said was formed the Puget Sound.

Al W. Anderson,
Tacoma, Wash.

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