Paul Bunion Gets a Bear Hide

Charles O. Olsen. "Paul Bunion Gets a Bear Hide."
Four-L Bulletin May 1921: 38.

Paul Bunyan Dynamite

Paul Bunion Gets a Bear Hide.

(Tune : A Preacher Went a-Hunting.)

Paul Bunion went a-hunting,
In his forty-dollar shoes;
He packed a pot of honey,
And some dynamite and fuse.
He rolled himself a very fine pill,
From tar-paper and snus,
When all at once he spied a bear
And-hell just busted loose!

He smeared his shoes with honey,
Just to lead the bear along;
A-puffing on his home-made pill
And a-whistling of a song.
He honey-smeared the dynamite
And lit the little fuse;
Then laid it gently on the ground
And left it with adieus.

The bear enjoyed the sweetness
'Til the dynamite went "bang";
Then Paul just skinned him neatly,
(And he whistled while he sang).
But, loggers, heed the moral
Of the poor fool bear that died,
And when you hunt for honey,
Why-be careful of your hide.

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