A New Paul Bunyan Story

G.A. Utke. "A New Paul Bunyan Story."
American Lumberman 5 August 1922: 45.

Paul Bunyan Wagon and Axe

A New Paul Bunyan Story

La Madera, N.M., July 31.-Have just finished reading a pamphlet about Paul Bunyan, which was issued by the Red River Lumber Co., Westwood, Calif. As an old friend of Paul, I can vouch for all the statements printed in this pamphlet-and then some. But there is yet another story concerning Paul, which the Red River people omitted. It happened during the summer following the torrid winter after Paul had taken out his "seven seas drive." This drive as you remember got hung on the Horn, owing to low water in the Atlantic. When Paul got back home-and by the way, Paul's old home has always been shrouded in mystery and doubt, so let it be stated right here that Paul Bunyan hailed from "in back of Wright's" where the roosters lean against the fence to crow. Most all of Paul's classy ax men came from "back of Wright's" where they once had the great forest fire, which burned up between two and three cords of wood. But to get back to our story, when Paul got home, he ran plumb into a man size oil boom. They had struck oil down Sucker Creek way and Paul decided to take a little flyer in oil himself. Investing his money in oil stock, he proceeded to bore the deepest oil well on record. The boring was done by his own crew, and they were mostly all from "in back of Wright's." They bored with a 6-inch post auger and when the auger got too short, Big Ole, the blacksmith, always welded another extension to the shank. When they were down about seven thousand axhandles deep, Paul made up his mind that he had struck a "duster" and decided to quit. But here his noted salesman, H. Wadsworth Wordspouter, took a hand in the game. Acting on Mr. Wordspouter's advice, Paul hitched the big ox to the well and pulled the hole up out of the ground. He then set his men to work with cross-cut saws, and had them saw the hole up into 3-foot lengths. These short lengths were then sold to homesteaders for post holes. In this manner, Paul realized on his oil investments, and H. Wadsworth Wordspouter was promoted to the position of financial adviser to Paul Bunyan.

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