Not Paul Bunyan's Ox

Anonymous. "Not Paul Bunyan's Ox."
The Timberman December 1923: 28.

Paul and Babe

Not Paul Bunyan's Ox

The huge skull of a pre-historic ox, discovered recently near Oregon City, Ore., has given rise to much speculation as to its origin. The Portland Oregonian states that P. Edwards, of Oregon City, a paleontologist, has identified the original owner of the skull as bos latifons, or the "broadfaced ox," which lived about 50,000 years ago in the cenozoic era.

The skull measures 18 inches between base of horns, 39 inches tip to tip and the horns are 5 1/2 inches in diameter at the base. Some local authorities suggested that the skull had belonged to one of Paul Bunyan's big blue oxen and the matter was referred to Paul Bunyan, of The Red River Lumber Co., who sends the following reply:

Westwood, Cal., November 20.
This here ox skull is not Benny the Little Blue Ox which ate hisself to deth on pancakes and was buried where the Black Hills are now. It aint Babe the Big Blue Ox which is still doin' good work haulin' sugar pine. I tried a lot of times to raise another ox for haulin' but never had mutch luck. They were all kinda puny and wuddent grow enuf. From the size you say this here skull is I think it must have been one of them little calfs which died for lack of nourishment.
Hoping you are the same,
Paul Bunyan

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