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Ombudsman and Ombudswoman
Paul Bunyan Fine Art Ombudsman and Ombudswoman

Artist Statement

The story of Paul Bunyan did not start out as a children's book, or as an advertising gimmick by a lumber baron. The Tall Timber Tales of Paul Bunyan began as oral anecdotes in the woods of the Lake States and the Pacific Northwest. The first attempts to compile these tales from the oral tradition were often vulgar, full of technical jargon and too esoteric for the general public. With each new scribe, the tales were either retained or altered to subdue lumberman myth into conventional literature.

Images of Paul were soon to follow. Like the stories, they were crude and unpretentious. It would take some time before artists would mollify these early renditions. Paul Bunyan rapidly became America's greatest demigod and artistic subject. Focused on the futurity of this truly American source of inspiration, Paul Bunyan Fine Art is presented as the souvenir collages of readymade myths.

Sightings, tales and renderings spread from the forests through our country's culture. Paul Bunyan, epic figure of the lumber camps, soon was the legendary roadside icon of the North Woods. However, conversations with shanty boys are fast receding into "the limbo of forgotten things". In the spirit of the Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox, Paul Bunyan Fine Art's mission is to perpetuate for posterity the memory of Paul Bunyan.

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