Detroit Lumbercore

Detroit Lumbercore

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Paul Bunyan Fine Art performing Lumbercore, Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Lumbercore. Performance November 1, 2009, Detroit, Michigan.

One of the earliest written accounts of Paul Bunyan appeared in a Detroit newspaper in 1910. Before the automobile, lumber was one of the most prominent factors in making Michigan famous and Detroit prosperous. Paul Bunyan and Detroit both played pivotal roles in the development of the United States and how we view ourselves as Americans.

Paul Bunyan tales and white pine logs flowed down from forests upstate through Detroit and into the new homes of prospering cities in the Lake States and back east. They became foundations for the building of the American dream and its ideals. Even after our national recklessness depleted this old growth resource, Paul Bunyan and the spirit of Detroit lived on in the American character.

Unfortunately, this hero of a century ago has become a buffoon relegated to children's books and the spirit of Detroit is now demonized by contemptuous America. This Lumbercore performance portrayed the hardships of both Paul Bunyan and Detroit as they separately find their new mission for the next millennium and for an unsympathetic nation.

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