Words Froze

Lumbercore on the Little Onion

Copyright ©2008
Paul Bunyan Fine Art performing Lumbercore, Wisconsin.

Lumbercore on the Little Onion. Performance February 24, 2008, Little Onion River, Wisconsin.
This Lumbercore performance referenced a Wisconsin Tall Timber Tale.

"It was so cold that words froze right in the air. All winter long the weather remained that way. If one said 'Hello' he could see it hanging in the air. If a teamster swore at his team, the sound of his voice would freeze also. That spring when the thaw came you could see all of those oaths thaw out the same day. Never in all history since the beginning of man was a more terrible profane barrage thrown over than there was that spring on the Little Onion."

Lumbercore came about to give Paul Bunyan a fresh mission for the new millennium. As the myth of Paul Bunyan came from the woods, the aim of Lumbercore is to give, in return, myth back to the forest. Paul Bunyan Fine Art took on the responsibility to represent Paul Bunyan in his new role as both guide and shaman for the Lumbercore performances.

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