Legends of Paul Bunyan

Paint Creek, Rochester, Michigan

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack
August 26 - September 24, 2011
Paint Creek Center for the Arts
Rochester, Michigan
Paint Creek Center for the Arts

Presenting legends of Paul Bunyan
Eric Fogle, Michigan
Jeff Gerber, Washington
Matthew Hanna, Michigan
James Milostan, Wisconsin
Fumihiro Ohara, Kyoto, Japan
Donna Tauscher, California

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack chronicled the life and work of Paul Bunyan with firsthand accounts and readymade myths. The Paul Bunyan theme and its futurity was the focus of the exhibition. This expedient hero of American artistic history has become an anti-hero in the new millennium. We also explored this abandonment and restored for posterity a truly American source of inspiration, Paul Bunyan.

Copyright ©2011
Jeff Gerber and James Milostan

Copyright ©2011
Jeff Gerber and Eric Fogle

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Fumihiro Ohara

Copyright ©2011
Donna Tauscher

Copyright ©2011
Jeff Gerber, Matthew Hanna and Fumihiro Ohara

Copyright ©2011
Jeff Gerber, Donna Tauscher and James Milostan

Legends of Paul Bunyan, Lumberjack

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