Bunyan's Fury

Rampage in Liar's Limbo


The Oshkosh Northwestern
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
March 17, 1938
Page 4

Snow At Bayfield Held Rampage Of Paul Bunyan

A blanket of snow covered the Bayfield region today, a definite indication, lumberman said, that Paul Bunyan has begun his annual rampage in Liar's Limbo in protest against oncoming spring.

Undaunted by Bunyan's fury, however, the Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox (named for Bunyan's giant ox, Babe) prepared for their mulligan stew dinner-out party scheduled to be held March 20.

"Paul always kicks up a fuss when spring rolls around," the pioneers of logging explained. Their legendary hero prefers the 100 below temperatures of rugged north woods winters, they asserted.

Meanwhile, committees in charge of the annual Bunyan fete received word that Clifford Thompson, Wisconsin's 8 foot, 7 inch Baby Bunyan, will arrive here during the weekend to show the doubters how Bunyan once cleared a 1,000 acre forest single-handed.

Thompson is a Waupaca youth. He weighs 460 pounds.

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