Bygone Era

Authentic Niche in Americana

Lumber Jack

Stevens Point Daily Journal
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
March 27, 1939
Page 9

Mystic Knights of North Toast Paul Bunyan

Members of Blue Ox Fete Legendary Giant at "Dinner-Out" in Woods

The Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox donned lumberjack garb Sunday, left the truth behind, and toasted Paul Bunyan, legendary giant of a bygone era, with a "dinner-out" in the woods.

It was a great day, in spite of bad roads and snow that was "ten feet deep--on the level."

The Knights, who juggle figures of great weight without tiring, kept Gus Weber and "30,000 flunkies" busy serving Mulligan stew, baked beans, tea and raisin pie. There were 300 at the table.

When that was over, the speech-making began. John Sayles, treasurer of the Mystic Knights, created the biggest stir by announcing that there were 45 billions of good American dollars in the Knights' treasury, which he thought should be cheering to the head man in Washington.

Historians came to bat with research into Paul's early life. Bayfield, which ignores the claims of other localities, maintaining Paul was born here. They reported Paul's cradle still was here. It was measured according to the distance between the eyes of Babe, Paul's blue ox, and thus is 40 axhandles and a plug of eating tobacco from rocker to rocker.

Other historians related that when Paul kicked the slats out of his cradle (which is how the saying originated) there was such a splashing in Lake Michigan that the British sent their navy over to see what it was all about.

But (and somebody always has to get serious) this was brought out too: That Paul Bunyan has an authentic niche in Americana, his worship is untainted by commercialism, and it all really is something connected with the timbering industry which old timers, their sons and elder brothers like to recall.

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