Sons of the Pikepole and Peavy

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty

The La Crosse Tribune
La Crosse, Wisconsin
February 7, 1936
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Bayfield Bunyanites To Hold Outdoors Picnic Celebration

Bayfield sons of the pikepole and peavey, inspired by an old-fashioned winter like those in Paul Bunyan's time, decided Friday to hold their second annual picnic in honor of that mythical giant of the tall tales and tall timber.

Gus Weber of Bayfield, president of the Mystic Knights of Blue Ox, a club dedicated to immortalize Bunyan, said the rollicking observance will be held February 16 at a nearby woodlot.

Bunyan, the legendary hero of the lumber industry was supposed to have logged northern Wisconsin.

Weber promised it would take more than a little snow and cold in these northern regions bordering Lake Superior to freeze out the good time when Bayfield lumberjacks gather to spin fabulous yarns and eat hearty.

"Gosh," he said, "if we're going to immortalize Paul we have to show some of the same stuff he was made of. That's why we hold this picnic outdoors.

"Why do you know that in the winter of the blue snow (that's the one which dyed Paul's 10,000 pound ox, Babe, blue) the temperature fell in feet, not in degrees below zero, and the snow lay thousands of feet deep on the level after falling like hail for days.

"What was worse, Sourdough Sam, Paul's camp cook, had loads of trouble with his biscuits--they froze in the roaring oven."

Weber said he planned to outdo Paul's great "black duck dinner" put on the year after the big snow.

"Maybe I ought to have a cookhouse like Paul's though to handle the food," Weber surmised. "You know it took a day to walk around the one in his camp."

The cookhouse also was supposed to have griddles so larges little boys skated across them with hams tied to their feet to grease them.

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