Knights Honor Paul

Bunyan's Only Known Living Descendant

Paul Bunyan Bread

The Wisconsin State Journal
Madison, Wisconsin
March 21, 1938
Page 5

'Knights' Honor Paul; It's a 'Light Lunch'

If Paul Bunyan had been here he'd have eaten everything in sight and still been hungry.

The "Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox" had their annual banquet for their legendary northwoods hero Sunday and the carrots and potatoes they poured into the mulligan stew out in S.A. Feldmeier's clearing were measured by the bushels. So were the beans.

Practically one whole steer went in for the meat foundation.

But Mayor F. Bigelow mourned that times had changed since "Paul was around."

"There isn't a man left in these parts that could eat more than half a steer at a setting," Bigelow said. "Why, if Paul'd been here he'd have laughed himself sick at us for calling this a banquet. This would be just a light lunch to him even if we did feed 1,000 people on it."

Gallons of tea were poured from huge buckets and the stew was mixed in a pot so big it kept 10 men busy.

Some said it was about the same size Bunyan used for a drinking cup.

"Bunyan used to eat vegetables by the carload," Bigelow said. "and it took a whole herd to make up the meat course. We'll never be able to fill his shoes."

Bunyan's shoes are famous in northern Wisconsin where many of the smaller lakes supposedly were formed by his tracks left on the soft ground after a rain.

Here are a couple of stories they told about him Sunday:

"Bunyan was logging in North Dakota and got his directions confused. The logs--200,000,000 board feet--went down the Mississippi river by mistake. Paul led Babe, his blue ox, to the salt lick, let him work up a thirst and then led him to the river. Babe drank enough to reverse the river current and the logs came back up stream."

And this one:

"Paul decided there ought to be a river from here to Superior. He dug out what is now called the Brule river. But, while he was at it created something else inadvertently. That row of mountains over there was built from the dirt he threw over his shoulder."

Clifford Thompson, 33, Waupaca, Wis., Bunyan's only known living descendant, was a guest at the banquet. He is eight feet, seven inches tall and wears size 22 shoes. A half dollar slipped easily through a ring he wore on his little finger.

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