Loyal Members

Hungry Old-Timers

Paul Bunyan, Fred Smith

Ironwood Daily Globe
Ironwood, Michigan
March 6, 1937
Page 2

Bunyan's Followers Will Honor Their Hero Sunday

Loyal members of the Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox, who try to fill Paul Bunyan's 14-league boots (seven league boots wouldn't hit him), will do honor tomorrow to their legendary hero at the fourth annual picnic.

Sebastian A. Feldmeier will take over duties of camp boss because of the departure of Gus Weber, former boss, for the sunny south. He promises the picnic will live up to everything ever said about Giant Paul, king of northern Wisconsin lumberjacks.

Because Weber took the recipe for Bunyan's favorite stew with him, three lumber camp cooks have been called in to do the chores of feeding the hungry old-timers. The menu calls for roast pig, 20-pound hams, hot dogs, doughnuts and coffee.

The celebration will be held on Feldmeier's woodlot, overlooking the Apostle islands which legend says were founded by Bunyan. It seems he wound a logging chain around a hill and had his pet ox, Babe, yank. Babe yanked so hard chunks of earth landed out in Lake Superior to form the islands.

Feldmeier says nothing will stop the boys from doing Paul proud--especially when it comes to swapping yarns about the tall man of tall trees.

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