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Hoary Apostle

Apostles of Paul Bunyan, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal
Madison, Wisconsin
February 4, 1935
Page 3

Liar's Capital Moved to Paul Bunyan Camp

Burlinton, Wis., generally recognized as the world's liar's capital, today appeared as a shrine of truth after the annual convergance of 150 members of the Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox, Bayfield Lodge No.1 at a picnic grove near here.

The old timers completely dwarfed the younger generation of fabricators with stories taller than their legendary patron saint, Paul Bunyan. Each hoary apostle in turn mounted a stump and uttered a testimonial to the great Paul which completely eclipsed his predecessor's. To "verify" their tales, the Bunyan followers produced articles of clothing and personal gew-gaws allegedly left in their care by the great woodsman after he had completed clearing timber from the western plains and sought fresh forests.

Among the assortment which later went to the Paul Bunyan museum were trousers of tent proportions, a shoe that could navigate Lake Michigan with a full crew, a three-gallon hip flask, a three foot trout fly, an eight foot sausage, a six foot axe, a pair of false teeth capable of snapping off an elephant's leg and a gargantuan hen's egg. A couple of the aged knights rummaging through Paul's clothing were seen to dispatch a hard-shelled creature with a club. It was generally conceded to be a turtle but there are those who maintain that the great Bunyan had vermin trouble.

The knights voted to erect a 100-foot statue to commemorate Paul Bunyan. A 30-foot statue, originally proposed, was deemed in adequate and insignificant after the round of tall stories.

A new story was that the eclipse of the sun Sunday was caused by smoke from Paul's pipe. It seems that the mighty woodsman returned to clear off the picnic grounds for his followers.

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