Perpetuate the Mighty Deeds

Hard North Country

Concrete Lumberjack, Phillips, Wisconsin

The Oshkosh Northwestern
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
February 17, 1936
Page 5

Bunyan Might Not Like Idea of Postponing Fete

Paul Bunyan, legend's hardest of the hard in the hard north country, would turn over in his mythical grave if he knew his disciples had gone back on him account of a little matter of 30 below zero weather.

The fourth annual "dinner out" of Camp No. 1, Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox, scheduled for Sunday, was postponed. Sponsors of the affair swore by all the wood gods that weather had nothing to do with it. But there were rumors.

Rather, the sponsors laid it to the fact that Gus Weber, camp cook, had turned his ankle and couldn't possibly stand before a fire.

Secretary J.P. O'Malley announced he had found the huge thermometer Bunyan used in his logging camps.

It was hauled here by a crew of 40 men and will be used at the dinner, which will be held to raise funds to build a statue of Bunyan on the shore of Chequamegon Bay in order to perpetuate the mighty deeds of the famous figure of Wisconsin folklore.

Weber, sitting with his swollen ankle in a tub of steaming water, said the legendary lumberjack had to build a special thermometer to record the extraordinary low temperature at the time of the blue snow.

Weber ought to know because he says the story was told him by a man who knew a fellow whose great-great grandfather was a flunky in Bunyan's logging camp.

"Paul put the zero mark at the top of the thermometer and then graduated the drops 10 degrees at a throw down to 450 below," Weber explained.

"In those days the temperature fell so rapidly any smaller graduation could not be noted with the naked eye."

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