Solemn Rites the Last Day of Winter

Credo of the M.K.B.O.

Bayfield Paul Bunyan

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
March 19, 1938

Mystic Knights of Blue Ox Hold Annual Rites Sunday

Paul Bunyan, who was colossal and stupendous before the first camera clicked in Hollywood, will receive his just homage tomorrow when the original Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox hold high festival―solemn rites of every March 20, the last day of winter.

Issue Invitations

Invitation cards, some of them 14 axehandles long, have been sent to foremen in neighboring Bunyan camps for the gathering at Feldmeier's woodlot on Highway 13, seven miles from (Bayfield).

Hoping to keep from displeasing the ghost of the mighty legendary woodsman, Bayfield camp has plans for one of the greatest ceremonial tributes known in the annals of M.K.B.O. Barrels of mulligan, set off with pork and beans, fat slabs of raisin pie, doughnuts and green tea (Paul's menu for special occasions) will be served to the faithful.

Keep Eye on Weather

Meanwhile, anxious eyes are being cocked on weather symbols, the Bunyanites fearing Paul's wrath if it gets too springish. Once Paul, angered because it was so warm, jumped up and down in rage, and mud flew from his mighty boots into Lake Superior. That was how the Apostle islands came to be formed―or so runs the credo of the M.K.B.O.

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