Weary Lumberjacks

Carload of Axes and Saws

Lakewood Paul Bunyan

Appleton Post-Crescent
Appleton, Wisconsin
March 8, 1937
Page 4

Paul Bunyan Shoulders All Work at Picnic of Mystic Knights of Blue Ox

Weary lumberjacks looked up at the tall timber, leaned on their canthooks and wished today Paul Bunyan would come and do their work like he did for the Mystic Knights of the Blue Ox so they could have their annual picnic.

"That picnic would have been an awful flop if it wasn't for Paul," the jacks were telling each other, punctuating each syllable in the air with yellowed pipe stems.

"It looked bad for Feldmeier and the other knights Saturday until Paul tramped in with a carload of axes and saws. And were them cooks glad."

Cornered amid piles of wood chips at his woodlot where the knights gathered yesterday to honor Paul, Mythical giant of the northwoods, Sebastian A. Feldmeier, the camp boss, consented to reveal what he knew about Paul's visit.

Feldmeier said he just about was ready to give up the picnic Saturday. It was played in such a hurry, it seemed as though the woodlot would never be cleared of trees or enough food cooked in time.

"I'm standing out here early Saturday morning, see, and trying to figure out how to squeeze 50 people much less the 500 that did show up in between all them trees.

"I'm just giving it all up when in tramps Paul with his axes and his saws. And you ought to have seen him go to work. Why, he no sooner cuts a tree at the base then he's climbing up it, see, a-slashing and a-chopping just like in the old days.

"Well, by the time each tree hits the ground he's got all the branches cleared off and ready to send it to the mill, see.

"That was some sight, but it wasn't all.

"He gets almost finished when his saws and axes go hot on him. What does he do? Why, he just drops them down into Raspberry river running through the woodlot to cool them off.

"Then yesterday morning out come all the cooks, moaning because they'll never be able to get their work done. They see that old Raspberry a-streaming like one of them geezers out in Yellowstone park. Paul's saws and axes have that water boiling, see?

"Those cooks get wise and take their pigs down to the river bank and dunk them in. When they haul them out, they're all scalded and ready to carve up and serve.

"Why, I never seen the likes of it before in my life."

Feldmeier remembered that the knights paused in their discussion of Paul's remarkable visit to grant a new camp charter to Superior, represented by Mayor Ben Ostby and a delegation of 50.

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